SIAE deposit

Deposit an original works at SIAE with a professional consultant

Studio Turini has a long-standing experience in the deposits of unpublished works at SIAE.

Any type of intellectual work can be deposited. In particular:

  • Novels
  • Songs
  • Stories
  • Poems
  • Script
  • Plots
  • Subjects
  • Audiovisual works
  • Software
  • Databases
  • Graphic works

Even authors who are not SIAE members and foreign citizens can benefit from this service.

To carry out the deposit, it is necessary to prepare a copy of the work to be protected, in the form of a paper document and/or fixed on a digital device.

SIAE archives this copy, together with an ownership declaration, in a sealed and stored envelope, inaccessible to the public.

How much time does the deposit last?

The registration lasts 5 years and can be renewed at the expiration date for an equal period, except for the possibility for the owner to collect the work at any time.

If the owner does not collect the work or does not renew the deposit, SIAE considers itself as authorized to destroy the material itself.

One does not become a SIAE member through the deposit, nor is the protection of the work       obtained from SIAE. SIAE does not have the task of reading, judging or collocation of the deposited work nor any responsibility for possible plagiarism or unlawful uses.

Studio Turini assists clients both in the preliminary phase of evaluation of the protectability of the work, and in the deposit phases.

Why choose Studio Turini?

The service of Studio Turini is carried out in very specific steps:

  • The service begins with a first contact with the client, to acquire information on the work and to explain the function and the characteristics of the deposit.
  • For particularly complex cases, we offer a preliminary consultancy with our expert lawyers, to erase any doubt.
  • We assist the client during the entire process of the depositing of the work, providing useful instructions for filling out forms and for the preparation of the necessary material for the deposit
  • Once the material is received we will send the material to SIAE and monitor the shipping constantly.
  • Once the number of the deposit assigned by SIAE is received, we insert data in our management software, which allows us to have full knowledge regarding the expiration date and status of the procedure.


Deposit of Software in the Public Register for Software

The deposit of original works can be used for any type of unpublished work and therefore even for software, if not yet published.

When the software has already been published, it cannot be deposited in the deposit of original works. Nevertheless, there is a specific register wherein       software, which has already been published or is on the market, can be registered: the Public Register for Software of SIAE.

To proceed, a proper request must be filled out, in which it must be indicated:

  • The owner’s information
  • The author’s information
  • The place and date of publication
  • The title and the description of the software

One must also indicate if it is a basic or an application software and its genre, such as: 

  • Writing
  • Compiling
  • Utility
  • Games
  • Database
  • Communication  

Moreover, the type of hardware necessary to make it work, the operating system and environment and, lastly, the programming language must be specified.

A sample of the program must also be provided on a digital device, normally a write-once CD or DVD, which must be signed.

The deposit, once completed, does not need to be renewed.  

In case the software has future implementation, new versions of the program must be registered also.

Software is often updated and, for this reason, we suggest making follow up deposits when there are relevant changes to the code or the interfaces. 

Studio Turini has a long experience in software protection, both from a copyright and patent and contractual point of view.

Studio Turini registration service follows precise phases:

  • Starting with a first contact with the client to acquire information on the software and to assess if the software can be patented. The patent must be filed before registering the software.
  • If the software is patentable, the client connects with our engineer, Mario Emmi, an expert in the field, for a deeper assessment.
  • If it is patentable, firstly we file the patent and then the registration service is re-activated;
  • If it is not patentable, or the client does not want the patent, the software is evaluated for the registration purposes. We discuss with the client the most adequate form of protection;
  • We then assist the client during the whole procedure of registration, providing useful instruction for filling out the forms and preparing the necessary material for the software registration procedure.
  • Once we receive the material, we will send it to SIAE and we’ll monitor the procedure constantly.
  • Once the registration is completed and SIAE assigns the registration number, we insert it in the Studio Turini management software, which allows us to update the client in real time about the expiration dates and the status of the procedure.

Who needs the SIAE deposit?

The Deposit of an original work or the registration of software in the Public Register for Software is useful for:

  • Providing proof of the ownership of the work or software, for example, before sharing the material with external subjects
  • Asking for damage compensation and to determine an initial precise date for the calculation of the compensation
  • Having an easier and faster defense in a lawsuit  
  • Licensing or assigning the work or software without having to discuss the limits of its content;
  • Having an objective reference with respects to what is the object of the contract
  • Startups, for demonstrating to be creative and innovative companies and have an IP title in their assets.

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