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To obtain a patent, a specific application comprising drawings and a technical report drafted according to legal principles must be prepared in accordance with laws that only a Patent Attorney can draft.
The application is examined by the competent office which, after a rather articulate procedure, decides whether to accept it and grant the patent or to refuse it. For this reason, it is extremely important that the application is drafted by experts in the field entered in the specific registers of Patent Attorneys.

What is a patent?

Patenting an object or an innovative technical solution, like a method or a process, is the key to success for every enterprise. Thanks to a patent application, your own ideas can be protected and exploited commercially in a sale cycle.

Patenting means obtaining the exclusive right to sell a product or to achieve a method and this involves a huge competitive advantage.

A patent owner not only earns more and tops the competitor but also acquires greater credibility on the market and in the financial field, since funding can be readily reachable.

Turini Group:

patent counseling for over 30 years

Italian Patent Attorneys entered in the Italian Industrial Property Consultants Institute and European Patent Attorneys entered in the European Patent Office of our office look after, manage and file patent applications. We represent clients before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (U.I.B.M.), European Patent Office (E.P.O.), World Intellectual Property Office (W.I.P.O.), filing their patent applications (Italian, European and international) in all countries of the world.

Please note that Italian and European Patent Attorneys must pass a strict technical qualifying examination that guarantees the quality of professionals.

Our certifications, your guarantees

As a further guarantee of service quality, our office has obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. Therefore, all professionals and associates of the firm follow thorough procedures, complying with data security and reaching the highest quality standards in providing our service.

A guaranteed patenting method, with a success rate of 97.9%

We have been working for thirty years to offer our clients the best possible protection for their inventions.

Our working method is based on six principles:

The client is followed personally by a single consultant in charge to which s/he can resort to for any need;

Extensive examination of the client’s technical solution and of its innovative elements, suggestions and discussions about the most protective ways of protection.

Extensive examination of the client’s need and selection of countries where to file the patent application and the most convenient procedure depending on the commercial strategy and sought territorial protection.

Drafting the text of the patent application in the most suitable form to protect it.

Sending one or more drafts of the patent application to the client in order to discuss any critical points before completing a final version and waiting for the final approval before proceeding with filing the patent application in the countries according to the procedure selected as jointly agreed with the client.

Insertion of filed patent applications in the specific management software exclusive of Studio Turini which enables the client to be kept always up-to-date about deadlines, filed patents and their status in real time.

Owing to our method, expertise and the skills of our professionals, we have reached a success rate of 97.9% of granted patents*.

(* Data calculated on Italian invention patents and utility models filed in a period of four years, maintained in force by the client).

A patent for every need

The patent is local. Therefore, it must be filed in countries where one wishes to obtain the exclusive right of sale and/or production of the invention. However, there are conventions which allow the filing of patent applications for groups of states, such as the European patent.

Italian patent

The Italian patent allows one to obtain the exclusive right to produce and sell a product and/or actuating a method in Italy alone. It prevents products produced abroad from being imported to Italy but it cannot prevent products produced abroad from being sold abroad even if they are identical to the product.

European patent

The European patent allows one to obtain the exclusive rights to produce and sell a product and/or actuating a method in the member states of the European Patent Organization that do not coincide with the states of the European Union. In this case, the patent prevents one from producing, selling and importing to the territory of the selected states, that can be all or even only a part of the member states of the Convention.

International patent

The international patent allows one to obtain the exclusive right to produce and sell a product and/or actuating a method in the many contracting states of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). In this case, the patent application, even being filed with a single procedure, acts as a set of national patents. It prevents one from producing, selling and importing to the territory of the selected states, that can be all or even only a part of PCT contracting states. Since these are very different states, it becomes essential here to take into consideration the individual national laws. 

As an alternative to the European patent and the international patent application, a foreign patent application can be filed in a single state when the entrepreneur is only interested in a specific country, subject to an evaluation of costs/benefits of this choice.

Software patent

We point out that a software patent can be obtained. It is a particular type of patent that can be in its turn national, European, international or foreign and it allows one to obtain the exclusive right to a program for a computer which performs technical functions. It is a commonly requested patent that has its particularities and it requires a very accurate examination of the software to be protected.

Search for filed patents

Before filing a patent application, or through every step of the business production, our office can perform novelty searches to verify that the invention is actually new or even only to check the state of the art and patents of competitors, depending on the client’s requests and interests.

An invention can be patented if no equal, patented or disclosed technical solution exists in any part of the world. Therefore, novelty searches tend to be quite complex.

However, there are valid searching systems with specific databases that can be consulted. Nevertheless, it is a complex task that requires a lot of expertise, since searches with keywords and classification fields must be carried out.

Even if a novelty search is not compulsory before filing a patent application, the search is definitely advisable given that the preliminary knowledge of any prior art can help to direct the text from the beginning.

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