Judicial assistance

Legal protection always at your company’s side

We protect inventions, art and innovation, assisting individuals and companies at every stage of the project, including in disputes. 

We offer judicial assistance in all contentious proceedings, defending Clients in all lawsuits before national, foreign and international Courts.

Over the years, we have dealt with and successfully resolved a considerable number of cases in the industrial and intellectual property areas and unfair competition. We are therefore able to assist the Client in any proceeding relating to: 

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Designs and models
  • Copyrights
  • Domain names
  • Software
  • Know-how
  • Trade secrets and unfair competition
  • Disputes about business relationships, contract breaches and e-Commerce

We are aware that taking or resisting legal action always causes tension for the parties involved as these events affect the normal business activity and the serenity of the persons involved. 

Our priority has always been to find the quickest and most effective strategy to manage our Client’s position, limiting costs as much as possible and aiming for a fast resolution of the conflict. 

When a Client comes to us because he/she believes he/she has incurred a tort or because he/she has received a Demand letter, summons or notice of recourse, our litigators thoroughly examine the case, providing a clear overview of the Client’s strengths and weaknesses. 

The best strategy to be followed is always agreed with the Client, also taking into account the costs and foreseeable duration of each option, and the possibility of finding a quick and amicable solution is always taken into account. 

That is why we also assist Clients in all ADR procedures, i.e. all those alternative forms of conflict resolution that do not require Court intervention, such as mediation, negotiation and arbitration, both national and international, or procedures conducted administratively.  

When it is necessary to initiate a lawsuit, we act with the utmost care, preparing it both technically and legally, often upon conducting a thorough infringement analysis.

We handle ordinary lawsuits, i.e. legal proceedings on the merits to establish an infringement of a right or to defend against a contestation. Ordinary actions are also used to seek further protective measures, especially compensation for damages.

Urgency Procedures

We frequently deal with urgency proceedings, i.e., preventive proceedings aimed at quickly protecting Client’s rights or defending against adversary contestations.

Urgency proceedings are typical proceedings for the defense of trademarks, patents and copyright and have the advantage of allowing a dispute to be resolved very quickly, often within a couple of months or even less, depending on the case.

In particular, among the proceedings that can be brought as a matter of urgency, we deal with the following procedures:

  • Urgency proceedings pursuant to art. 700 of the Italian Civil Procedure Code;
  • Interim order (i.e. an order to stop, also for the future, the production and marketing of the infringing goods, as well as the possible withdrawal from the market and/or the destruction of the infringing products);
  • Description (to obtain evidence of the infringement, e.g. with reference to its extent or its volume of turnover of the infringing goods);
  • Seizure (e.g. seizure of the infringing goods).

We offer assistance in all of the above lawsuits also abroad, thanks to the collaboration with lawyers located in all Countries of the world. 

WE IDENTIFY the fastest and most effective strategy to manage our customers’ disposal position

Infringement lawsuits? With Studio Turini you are safe

We are experienced professionals in assisting Clients in intellectual property infringement lawsuits (e.g., patents, trademarks, designs, etc.), both in ordinary and ex parte proceedings. 

Ex parte proceedings allow one to quickly obtain interim orders to stop production or trade of infringing goods, description of infringing objects or seizure of goods. 

Lawsuits are followed with the utmost care and examined with the experience of the ‘litigator’ and the technical competence of the patent or trademark consultant, depending on the case.

The technical and legal preparation of the Law firm is the reason for the success of the handled lawsuits. 

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