Smart Contract / NFT

What are Smart Contracts?

Smart Contracts represent the most technologically advanced form of system to manage the transfer of goods and rights. 

Today there is a debate over the meaning – according to some authors smart contracts are not real contracts because they pertain more to the executive phase of a determined obligation. 

An example of Smart Contract is the code written inside an NFT and that regulates the conditions to which the rights on the digital goods connected to the NFT are being transferred, through the NFT. 

Rely on an expert to write and interpret a Smart Contract

Writing a Smart Contract means writing a program. A Smart Contract is drafted in computer language, is registered on blockchain and has the great advantage of executing the set-up function regardless of the human intervention. 

One can use a Smart Contract in many different situations and it can simplify commercial relations, but a smart contract cannot be written only by a developer.


The assistance of Studio Turini for your Smart Contracts

We assist the client in different moments:

  • When a Smart Contract needs to be drafted, creating flowcharts which allow the developer to write the code in order to carry out the functionalities wanted by the client.
  • When one wants to know the function of an already existing Smart Contract, reading and interpreting the software code to evaluate the legal consequences.

Our legal assistance is not limited to these phases. 

Often, Smart Contracts and mainly NFTs, by their nature, must be included in a much wider contractual regulation.

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