Infringement lawsuits

What to do in case of infringement?

In the case of infringement, it is important to act as quickly as possible in order to try to stop the tort as soon as possible and thus limit the damage suffered.

Contacting an expert in such cases is crucial in order to avoid time wasting and to set up the best defensive strategy right from the beginning. 

We at Turini Group have vast experience in assisting in ordinary and ex parte proceedings. 

The latter are specific urgency proceedings that can be used in the defense of industrial and intellectual property rights, which allow one, for example, to quickly obtain:

  • interim orders against the production or trade of infringing goods,     
  • the description of objects infringing intellectual property rights.      
  • the seizure of goods. 

Using these types of proceedings at the right time offers an enormous advantage: promptly resolved disputes, often within only a few months. 

We also assist those who have received a writ of summons or an ex parte appeal in connection with the alleged infringement of an intellectual property right. 

We also offer assistance abroad thanks to our consolidated cooperation with       lawyers resident in all Countries of the world. 

Immediately inhibit the production and trade of the counterfeit product with turini

What is included in Studio Turini’s service?

The service offered, for both ordinary and urgency lawsuits, includes:

  • a preliminary consultancy      
  • case study     
  • drafting of the writ of summons     
  • participation in hearings     
  • participation in technical operations     
  • the drafting of further defense documents     
  • the analysis of the decision/order or other measures adopted by the judge     
  • the execution of the judge’s measure.

Lawsuits are followed with the utmost care and examined with the lawyer’s expertise and the technical accuracy of the patent or trademark consultant, depending on the case.

The lawyer, having carefully examined the case from both a legal and technical point of view, proposes the best defense strategy to the Client. The technical and legal preparation of the Law firm is the reason for the success of the cases handled.

We also offer assistance in parallel procedures aimed at conciliation and conflict resolution by administrative means or as an alternative to litigation (e.g. mediation, assisted negotiation, arbitration). 

The offered services are intended for all companies, regardless of size, or other entities interested in defending their intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, designs and models, domain names, trade secrets and know-how, other distinctive signs) and preserving their business assets, or needing to defend against adversarial contestations.

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