Companies and commercial contracts

Corporate operations: an essential support in Contract Drafting

In an interconnected market, increasingly characterized by innovation and cross-border operations, it becomes crucial to know how to correctly set up business activities and properly manage potential problems. 

We have gained significant experience in managing commercial and corporate operations, especially when IP and IT assets are involved

Thanks to a team of diverse professionals, we can provide strategic and multidisciplinary advice to assist the Client in the development of the business projects and in the realization of ordinary and extraordinary corporate operations.

We consider the Client’s needs by examining his/her business strategies and identifying the most suitable solution to achieve the desired result, agreeing on the most effective strategy and drafting the entire contractual set-up necessary for the purpose.

Recognizing the strategic value of intangible assets, we valorize and protect the industrial property titles involved in operations, as well as copyrighted works. 

In particular, we assist companies in the following operations:

  • Start-up and assistance in drafting statutes and shareholders’ agreements;
  • Cooperation agreements between entrepreneurs, including letters of intent, Joint ventures (corporate and contractual), and association in investment contracts;
  • Transfer and lease of companies or branches of companies;
  • Purchase/assignment of participations;
  • Prevention and extrajudicial management of internal company disputes;
  • Assistance in drafting minutes of shareholders’ and corporate bodies meetings;
  • Generational transition between entrepreneurs, including the study and assistance in succession issues and the negotiation of related contracts (family pact, trusts, revision of statutory clauses). 

Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of commercial contracts, which enables them to follow the Client in the formalization of single operations without neglecting any relevant profile. 

Our experience at Industrial Property disposal

Type of Contracts 

For the drafting of any contract, it is necessary to carefully analyze the context in which the Client operates, the result the Client intends to obtain and all the implications that the operation may have on the management of other activities, such as personal data protection, management of corporate relations or protection of IP and IT assets. 

In particular, we assist the Client in the negotiation and drafting of the following contracts: 

  • NDAs, non-competition and confidentiality agreements;
  • Leasing;
  • Commercial sales and leases;
  • Procurement;
  • E-commerce contracts, both B2B and B2C;
  • Franchising, sales concession and supply contracts;
  • Licenses and assignments of trademarks, patents, designs, know-how, software and copyrights;
  • Agency and business procurement contracts;
  • Website development and social media management;

We boast prestigious collaborations with correspondents all over the world, thanks to whom we are able to assist the Client also in operations to be carried out abroad or with foreign partners.

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