Counterfeit Analysis

A team of lawyers and attorneys with expertise in patent, trademark, design and copyright

In an infringement situation, it is important to have a team of professionals ready to assist you in every aspect. 

The strength of Studio Turini is in having technical experts prepared in critical IP aspects. We have unparalleled expertise in patents, trademark, designs and copyright and we possess a deep technical knowledge to assist the client in infringement defense cases or in starting a lawsuit. 

Our technical attorneys do not work alone – in Studio Turini there are lawyers with expert knowledge about legal strategies, to set up the most suitable defense and attack strategies.

Our method

Our method includes a preliminary analysis phase wherein:

  • The technical expert provides a first impression on the counterfeiting, in light of a preliminary examination  and shares it with the lawyers;
  • The lawyers discuss the arguments with the technical expert, asking for clarifications and elaborations to highlight strengths and weaknesses;
  • The lawyers, after the discussion with the technical experts, report the possible actions in light of the first impression provided by the Patent attorney or by the Trademark attorney, depending on the case.
  • Following this discussion, the attorneys and the technical expert set up an initial strategy and decide on the type of search and opinion to carry out in order to set up a legal proceeding or the defense in a lawsuit.

At this point, the counterfeiting analysis is finalized, integrating in the opinion both the technical and the legal aspects, in order to provide the clients with an overall vision and make them able to attack or defend themselves, having all the necessary elements to avoid being found unprepared.


Collaboration with other attorneys

Studio Turini works as part of  a team and clients appreciate the fact that they can find in one firm both technical and legal knowledge in the field of patent, trademarks, design and copyright.

Nevertheless, Studio Turini’s Patent and Trademark attorneys work well with other lawyers, assisting them from a technical point of view.

The lawyers are among the best clients of Studio Turini, because they ask for our help when they are facing a legal problem and ask for precise and specific technical analyses to argue their thesis in court.

From the professionals of Studio Turini you will find the utmost openness and collaboration.

Likewise, the attorneys at law of Studio Turini are accustomed to working also with external technical experts, like the client’s in-house technical experts or appointed consultants. We can also provide only legal assistance and collaborate with other technical experts. On the other hand, we can assist other lawyers in the defense, given any highly technical matters to be considered.     

The most scrupulous lawyers tend to ask for the assistance or collaboration with colleagues who exclusively follow particular matters, to guarantee the best defense in legal proceedings or the best possible opinion to their client.

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